Default Directories

In previous versions of Nuendo (6 and before) the import dialogues always defaulted to the directory the I last imported that file type from, which suited me perfectly as my work means importing multiple small video and AAF files from the same directory. Since upgrading to 7 (and for all revisions of it) the default directory behavior has been a bit random. Audio file import will default to the last used directory fine. Omf import will default to the directory that was last used previous to closing nuendo, so if I go to import multiple files into a new session it will keep going to back to the directory I used last time I used nuendo. Video file and AAF import will just default to the directory I last imported anything from, which is really annoying.
Is this something going wacky in my system (Nuendo 7.1 on windows 8.1) or do others get this to? I had been hoping on the recent updates would put this right but it hasn’t changed.