Default folder for "Export to PDF"

When I’m exporting files to PDF, I consistently find that if I select a single layout, it selects the destination as the folder in which my Dorico file is (which is what I prefer).

But when I select all the layouts, it changes the export location to C:/Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/Shared Components/HALion Sonic SE, which seems a little random. I then have to navigate through a rather large file structure to find the correct folder again.

Any chance this behavior could be changed to stay pointed to the current folder for exporting?

By default, Dorico does indeed choose the folder in which the project is saved by default. Try selecting all of the layouts and then setting the folder on the right-hand side in Print mode.

I’m afraid not, at least not for me. When I select all layouts, it defaults to the location I posted above. Just tried it with another project, same result.

The project is saved to a predictable location (Dan/Blah blah blah/Song Files/My Awesome Song Folder), but the export location points elsewhere every time.

You’re sure that even if you create a brand new empty project, add an instrument, then go to Print mode and set the destination to Graphics, the folder chosen by default is not your ‘Dorico Projects’ folder (which it should be for an unsaved project) but C:/Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/Shared Components/HALion Sonic SE? I really can’t think of any way in which this could be possible.


I’m seeing something similar. This evening I tried printing (PDF) several but not all parts of a chart I have been working on. Whereas single parts have in the past printed to the Dorico source file on my D: drive, the list of files was slated to go to a HALion folder on my C: drive until I changed it.

I’ve tried to reproduce this and I’ve been unable to. Do you both routinely save your projects in a network location that’s not always available, or anything like that? If you start a new project, save it to e.g. your Desktop, then close it and reopen it, when you go to Print mode and set the Destination to Graphics, what path do you see?

Here’s a more specific case.

I have a string arrangement I saved in a folder, and have exported PDFs from it in the past. I opened the project today and added a flute and a horn. I ended up making some changes to the existing string parts, so when I went to Print mode (after saving the file again), I selected the parts one-by-one, using Ctrl-click. When I had added all the string parts, the graphic export folder path was correct. When I added the flute or the horn to the selected parts to be exported, I suddenly got the ellipses, and clicking on it gave me that HALion Sonic folder again.

Daniel: when I try the steps you suggested, I do get a predictable folder path. Still not sure what would be amiss with mine though.

EDIT: When I’ve set the proper export location for each layout and saved the project, it does preserve that folder location for all future exports. It would just be nice to not have to manually set them the first time (but I’m surviving :laughing:)…

I save Dorico projects on the internal HD D: whereas the program files are on the SSD C:
Like Dan, I found that re-accessing the PDF printing for these files automatically chose the expected path, which I had had to set manually when I first printed the parts.

I find a number of older projects (those that ask to be undated from Dorico 2.2 to 2.2.10) behave as expected.

Aha, now I understand what you chaps are reporting. We can at least make sure that the chooser defaults to something like your Documents folder in the event that the selection of layouts has conflicting values for the export folder, so we’ll do this in future.