Default folder for import/export

I’m hoping this is a setting I’ve missed… but why does Nuendo always default to the last active project when your’re importing stuff, like OMF,AAF etc. And the same with exporting video.

When I’m in a new project in a new folder this has exactly zero relevance to the last project I worked on where I imported an AAF. Why not default to the project folder, always,for every function?

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I set the Mixdown folder first time and all new projects creates this folder into de project folder.

You can use the project audio folder too.


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Hi, I also use this option but it doesn’t change anything regarding what I wrote about.

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Thank god Nuendo points to the last path. We often have to export thousands of events in our projects. Often over several days. To re-enter the last path here every time would be madness.
Each of us does something different.
But Nuendo should offer both as an option.

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But if you’re in the same project that wouldn’t be an issue either way…?

What do you mean exactly?