Default Font settings confusion

I’ve been struggling with the font settings and would just like to ask what I’m doing wrong or if this isn’t possible.

1. Font Styles
I’d like to do a Save as default but can’t find out how. I’d also like to import those settings I’ve made in Font Styles into other projects so I don’t have to adjust all those settings in every single document. It seems that changes made in Font Styles only stays in the actual project and isn’t possible to change globally, right?

2. Paragraph Styles
I might be stupid but it seems that one level is missing here. I can do a Save as default by pressing the star icon. When starting a new score these settings will be reflected there, but how do I import those settings into an already created project. The only option I can find is Revert to Factory, which is something else? There isn’t any Revert to saved defaults, as in the layout options.

Dear MatsHall,
I think the solution to apply your new default settings is the other way round : import your work into a new project. This is the case for every setting, be it Layout options, Font Styles, Paragraph styles… Your new default options will only apply on new projects. If you want to apply them on old ones, you must import those into new projects (thus creating a new project). I hope I’m helping there!

Font styles cannot be saved directly as defaults, that’s correct.

Are there any plans to change this in a near future? I remember you mentioned way back that you planned to change some font styles into paragraphs instead.

And thanks Marc. I guess I’ll have to go back and prepare a template file and use that one as starting point again. (I thought I could skip that now since it works so well importing/exporting master pages)

Not in the near future, no.