Default instrument for opening midi

When I open a midi file (right click & open with Cubase), it always opens the midi on a Cubase Halion instrument track - how do I change this default? i.e. so I can choose Kontakt?

And is it possible to assign a different default for different types of midi?
i.e. load drums in Addictive Drums,
load piano in Kontakt etc
Or prehaps there is an easier way to achieve what I want?

I have a lot of midi drum files, which are a single midi file and track but there are multiple drum sounds in the midi
i.e. kick, hats, snare, etc.
I can use dissolve midi to split these to separate tracks per note for mixing & volume adjustment purposes
but what is the best method to save this such that it has the instrument assigned and is seperated to multiple tracks.

If I export my midi as a ‘midi loop’ I can also export the track settings, i.e. volume, instrument etc
However as far as I can see midi loops only allow a single midi track and single piece of midi…


Unfortunately you cannot change this.