Default level of Play Tool is dangerous..

The Volume control in the POOL window also controls the Volume of the Play Tool in the Project window.
Default level in both is full volume. If you aren’t aware of its impact and you have a track with a strong signal you are in jeopardy of blowing a tweeter, or worse, if you are wearing headphones, you can damage your hearing. I have hurt myself several times as a result of this. It stops my session until I can recover.
Even though I may catch myself and adjust the level before I experience this, it resets itself to full volume whenever you close and re-open Cubase.
Even though I reported this 2 or 3 years ago, it still hasn’t been addressed.
My preference would be that it remembers where I set it and it stays there even after a re-start. That way, if I’m working on a project for several days, it will reference that same project until I want to change it.

This is important stuff.

Same experience here. Hope SB can address this asap.