default location for saving files

Hi, fairly new at all this so apologies if this is a stupid question.
I’m running AI8 and when i save a track I’ve recorded the file saves as a Cubase elements file into my chosen location. However there also seems to be an Audio & Images folder with files (.peak) created on another drive.

My question is how do i change the location of the Audio & images saved folders/files.

thanks for any advice.

If you create new projects from the Steinberg Hub there is a “use default location” button at the bottom that is probably checked. You want to check the “prompt for project location” instead. Then create new projects using the Steinberg Hub and, as a best practice, create a new folder for each project. Cubase should then create the folders you mentioned and save everything for that project there. If you don’t do this you might be creating a gigantic audio pool containing audio from many projects. That will get confusing… fast.

Good luck.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I did have the “Prompt…” checked and do create a new folder for each project but I’ve found that Cubase also saves the .peak files in another location (one i did’nt specify). It’s these folders that I’m looking to change the default setting for.

Please list your system OS and Cubase version…

When you create a new “ProjectName” folder Cubase automatically creates the sub-folders “Audio”, “Edits”, “Images”, and “Track Pictures” as necessary. The .peak files are saved in the “Images” folder by default (I thought?). So are you saying that your “ProjectName” folder does not get the .peak files stored in the “ProjectName/Image” folder or that you get a 2nd copy of the .peak files stored somewhere else?

The only other thing I can think of is that the template(s) that you are using to create new projects might be very old and somehow you set it to save files to this “other” location". Maybe you can correct this behavior by creating a new template? :question:

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