Default Metronome Speed

Not a big deal, but what is the default metronome marking for a score prior to entering one’s own? More curiosity than anything else, but if it is obvious, I’m missing it.

Thanks in advance (we lost the “thanks” button).

The default tempo if you do not specify one is 120 quarters per minute.

Daniel, Thanks. Good to know.

Is that default something I can change? (I usually start with 100 quarters per minute.)

(This is a low-priority issue for me–I pay careful attention to metronome marks–just wondering if this is configurable.)

No, there’s no way to change this default. Just add a tempo mark.

Future Request: Possibility to change the default tempo

Actually, the best would be also a possibility to playback the score also slower or faster than the typed tempo by an percentage option. i.e. play it halftime by typing 50%