Default MIDI port?

I cannot find where to set default MIDI port. Meaning the port that any newly created MIDI channel will be connected to. Pls help?

Device Setup

Setting a default MIDI port is longer possible since Cubase 4 or 5.

Of course it is.

Yes in SX 3 and maybe Cubase 4 but not in any version above - as I wrote already.

I looked all over device setup. Can you please be more specific where to find setting for default midi port?

I see. Hmmm… By what smart decision was this setting removed? It doesn’t even make sense to remove it. Or does it?

There is a way to have a MIDI port be selected by default if you set it up correctly. I do it on 4,6, and 7. It’s not a specific setting, but rather a configuration thing.

How do you do that. Can you please explain? Thnx.

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You do not really set a “default MIDI port” as you did in earlier versions, you simply delete all other ports from being listed under “all MIDI inputs”, which you have to undo, when you really want to use “all MIDI inputs”

I see now, this is for default midi input port… It will not work in my case, I use several input device (master keyboard, mini keyboard and drum pad) and I want them to be all available on All Midi inputs. That’s ok, I’m happy with All Midi inputs.

What I need is to set default midi output port. I have several ports, and it seems that topmost one is always selected for any new created MIDI track.
Is there a way to set up default midi output, which will be always connected when new MIDI track is created? Maybe some reordering in some xml file?