Default midi routing messed up with Cubase 13.0.20

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When i add a new Instrument Track (i do this a lot) the usual “All Midi Ports” connection is set to “None”.
So everytime i open a new Instrument or Midi Track i have to open Inspector, look for the new tiny option in Routings tab, and select “All Midi Connections” to get sound.

Is there a setting for this? I really cant find it!

Best regards Wen

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I think that we have a terminology issue, here : I guess that your “All MIDI Ports” is actually the the MIDI Inputs option, set in the Add track window, and this depends of the MIDI Port Setup panel.

So, could you make a screenshot of these windows ?

The former is the Add Track one, that appears when using the [right-Click] > Add Track > Instrument command in the tracks list of the project page or via the Project menu (if you can, don’t forget to add the MIDI Inputs dropdown list, as it’s the important thing, concerning the matter) :

The latter is the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup panel. If the All MIDI Inputs is set as shown, you won’t get any sound from in the created Instrument track :

EDIT : precisions and corrections added…

Hi Wen,

I worked this one out I think, due to a slight change in C13.

See this post:

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omg this is so simple!!!

damn so long hours!!!

thanks guys!!!

thanks, i found the solution :slight_smile:

Somehow I think it often forgets my last used input. (usually ALL inputs in my case)
I haven’t bothered really figuring it out because it’s too easy to pick my input.