Default Noteheadset for every new project

Hello Dorico’s team,

I have created a new customized pitched Notehead set.

Is there a way to set this new Noteheadset as the default one for every new project ?

Thank you in advance for your support.


I don’t think so, no. Your best bet is to save a blank file as your “template” file, which is what most of us are doing. At least until proper templates arrive.

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your answer.
I thought also to solve this with a blank file as a template.
But when I tried this, if I input or changed a note, then Dorico wrote it with the Notehead set stored in the Engraving options.
Before having a proper template concept ready, it would be nice if, in these options, we could select one of all Notehead sets available…

If you really want it to be your default for all projects, then you can edit the Default Notehead set, and save that as the default.

You can’t if it’s a pitched set. Different sets of options…

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