Default Output

It would be amazing if you could set a new track to default to a pre-assigned group. So for instance I have a mix bus before my main outputs. I run everything through there. It would be fantastic if I could tell cubase that every time I create a new track to assign the output to said group.


I’m still learning how to use the Project Logical Editor, but I’m pretty sure you could do this by setting up a Project Logical Preset and then combining it with an ‘add track’ Macro with a designated key command.

I’m not so sure you can. But if that is possible that would be great. If you figure out a way could you let me know?

Just took a quick look and I don’t see anywhere in the Logical Editor where you can change a tracks output or input.

I might be mistaken. I do however recall being able to daisy chain outputs by using sends but maybe this was when I was back using Nuendo and it was an exclusive feature to Nuendo.

Just confirmed this in my old copy of Nuendo, so you would be able to do what you want in Nuendo…