Default paper size mismatching page size

Although I use A4 as page format, I always get “11 x 14” as the default paper size in the print options, which is annoying and often leads to wrong printouts.

My UI language is German, and the preference default page size is set to “international”. My MacOS is set to German(y) as well.
So I always need to switch all layouts manually to “DIN A4”, which then works correctly. And when I add another instrument, the print default setting of this layout again is “11 x 14”.

Obviously, the A4 is nothing the printer (HP 7740) is not capable of, but Dorico is not recognizing it correctly (the 11x14 is just the first entry in the paper sizes list). Could it matter that the Page Size in Dorico is labelled just “A4” and the paper size “DIN A4”? But how could I match that?

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I’m fuzzy on the history of the An paper sizes, but I believe they might have started life as DIN paper sizes in Germany, right? Is DIN A4 exactly the same size as A4, and it’s simply labeled as DIN A4 in German-language operating systems as a nod to its heritage as a German-originated size?

As far as I know, A4 is just an abbreviation for “DIN A4”. “DIN” stands for “Deutsche Industrie Norm”, which means something like “German’s Industry Standardization”. By the way, I also have the same problem, which persists since I joined the Dorico-family in version 2.x. Best regards!