Default playback for instrument

I’ve been searching everywhere for this with no success:: When I add a solo instrument in Dorico 5 Setup (Classical Guitar, for example), I always want it to playback via a specific VST (Kontakt). overriding the Playback Template. How do I set the default for this? Many thanks for any help on this.

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I’m not 100% sure as I’ve not needed to this before, but have you tried the Instrument Editor? Maybe you can change the “Classical Guitar” to always use a specific patch?

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There’s a very good Discover Dorico session where @John_Barron_2 explains how to build a complex playback template (with specific instruments played back by specific virtual instruments while others are played back automatically by NotePerformer, for instance).
The video.


Thank you guys for your quick responses. The Instrument Editor does not seem to handle playback functions, as far as I can see. But thanks Marc for the link to John Barron’s excellent YouTube presentation, which explains how to use a playback template to achieve the result which I wanted. In short, I create a new playback template which will direct ‘Classical Guitar’ to play back through a different VST instrument (Kontakt), which I have saved as an ‘Endpoint Configurarion’ . Ah, the many wonders of Dorico! :wink: