Default playback volume

Compared to other applications (e. g. Quicktime Player or iTunes/Music or even video/audio in web browsers) the playback volume in Dorico is very low by default. Is there a reason for that and is there a way to set a default volume level so that I can equalize it to the others without having to do this everytime for every new project?

You can adjust the main volume of HALse if you click on e in Play Stephan… Check the Mixer as well…

Yeah but the first method is complicated and anyway, I’ll have to do this every time I start a new project. I would like to start Dorico and have a sensible default that is similar to the other applications.

There’s nothing intrinsically about the way Dorico is set up that means it should sound quieter than other applications on your computer. Indeed, many people complain that the CoreAudio2ASIO component that Dorico uses to bridge between the internal ASIO device and your Mac’s CoreAudio output resets the system volume level to maximum, so if anything people usually find that Dorico is too loud compared to other applications on their computer!

One thing you might consider is using an application like SoundSource by Rogue Amoeba. This is an application I use myself to allow me to more easily balance the relative output of different applications on my Mac.

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I also find that Dorico’s default volume is incredibly low.
First of all, the built in mixer volume is -6.02db for all instruments AND the output bus, so volume audio reduction is double.
Doubled with Dorico’s default velocity / dynamic being pretty low, and an unclear velocity randomization, it results in a very quite sound by default.
This really threw me off when I tried to get a first impression of Dorico.