Default preset on plugins.

Hi all!

All the plugins have the option to save as “Default Preset”, but any time I create a new instance of the plugin I have to go and manually load the default.
Is this by design? isn’t it supposed to load the Default by default? :unamused:


The idea is, the plug-in loads the default preset you have stored.

But it wont load the default unless I go and manually load it trough the presets dialog, which kind of makes it no different from any other preset…so, wonder if that’s by design, or I’m doing something wrong, or something else.

Just to make it clearer, I just drag & dropped an instance of Frequency, and It didn’t load the default preset neither its settings, but it does appear on the preset dialog.


Did you just save it as common preset with the name Default, or did you really use the Save as Default function?

I used the “Save as Default” function from the menu.

Tried it with many different plugins, and it does save a preset called “Default”, but it wont load it by default.

I reported this when version 10 was released, and Steinberg support confirmed the bug in mid-January. I was hoping the fix would be in 10.0.15, but there probably just wasn’t enough time between support confirming the bug (then forwarding it to developers) and the release of .15.

Anyway, the issue is this: default presets do not work on effects (this works with instruments) when drag and dropping them from the new media browser. If you go back to the old way of adding effects from the pop-up menu in the effect bins, the default presets still work. Default presets only don’t work when dragging and dropping from the browser, and only for effects. If you drag and drop an instrument, the default preset will recall.

Anyway, I’m hoping it’s in the next release. The Steinberg Ticket # is: 154700.

Hey thanks!, that’s really good to know!
I just did a quick try and seems to be exactly as you described :wink:
Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

Thanks again!


Reported to Steinberg (CAN-21011).