Default presets

i am developing a vst synthesizer and reached the point where i am trying to implement some default presets. Like other vsti i would like to have a standard program list, that is always available for the user and cannot be changed.
The default presets should be accessible via the host.

So far i tried to implement the IUnitInfo interface but i don’t understand how the callback from the host to the plugin works.
I saw that you set a flag for a parameter ‘kIsProgramChange’ and i added a parameter with this flag, but i thnik i am missing something here.

How do i get the information that a preset was selected from the host?

Ok, seems that my FL Studio version (12 smth) does not call back the preset parameter like it is supposed to. I tried Reaper and it works… (going to try the newest version of FLStudio , will let u know.)

Does the VST3PluginTestHost have a way to select factory presets? I would like to use this one for debugging much rather…

You can check the plugin example : “Test Program Change” which shows how to use factory preset list.
The VST3PluginTestHost does not have yet a factory preset handling, will be added in a future update

Thanks for the hint. I indeed had not seen this example project (duh). Unfortunately it seems to lead to a similiar problem when i use the compiled plugin in FLStudio (newest version). I added a screenshot to this post, as you can see there are only two entries with strange/uninitailized(?) names. It does work in reaper.
So far i could find one problem: When using FLStudio there seems to be a problem with the program list id,it seems to be wrong. I think this leads to the uninitialised program list.

I don’t know if this might be a problem with my setup or really a problem of fl studio. Did someone here had the same or a similiar problem? If someone could try to compile and test this plugin in fl studio to confirm this error would be great!

I have the same issue here… i will inform ImageLine developers…

Thank you very much for trying and confirming this!
I guess I need to switch to another host for debugging for now. I’m curious to see what Image Line is going to do about this.

I fixed the parameter names and program selection for the next version of FL.

If you want, I can test your plugin with the changes to make sure it’s correct.

Thank you very much! Send you a PM regarding the plugin.