default setting for Pre/Post fader when creating a new FX send

Does anyone know how to reliably define whether the default state of a newly created send is pre or post fader?

When I use “Add FX channel to selected channel…” sometimes a pre-fader send is created. Other times a post fader send is created. for a moment I though maybe it depended on if the track had a direct output activated or assigned, so I played around with that, but that didn’t seem to be it. The pre vs post state seems to not have anything to do with that as far as I can tell.

I am hoping there is a preference or I can make a keyboard shortcut macro to make it so that every time I create a send, it pops up as pre-fader by default. If the only way to do it is to prep a track or session in a certain manner (i.e. something like deactivating direct output on the track you are adding the fx to) that would be fine too I hope, I just really can’t figure out what that condition would be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Okay I got to the bottom of my confusion about it sometimes loading as pre fader and sometime loading as post fader. Turns out post fader is default. But I also found a possible solution that some people might find helpful. Hopefully there is a better one out there.

I Did a little bit of experimentation, so far this approach seems stable. It has it compromises so it may or may not be helpful to anyone else, but this seems to be the easiest way I can find to make it so that sends load as pre-fader by default. I hope someone comes along eventually and says, “or you could just do this…” and it turns out to be really easy haha. Anyway, here’s what I’m gonna do for now:

First, create a keyboard shortcut for “Add FX Channels to Selected Channel”.

Create a VSTi track (or audio track should work too, haven’t tested that yet though).

select the track you just created and use your new keyboard shortcut to “Add FX Channels to Selected Channel”. Keep selecting the track and doing the shortcut until you have filled all 8 slots in the sends on the VSTI track (over in the sends section in the inspector on the left).

All of the sends you are adding to the send section should be orange (post fader). Change all of them to pre fader (blue). now select all the FX tracks you just created over in the arrangement window and right click “Remove selected tracks”. All of the sends should disappear along with the deleted FX tracks.

now select the VSTi track again over in the arrangement window, then right click and choose “Save track preset…” When you save it, give it an attribute or 5 star rating, just so you can set up the media bay to find it easily. Maybe put in a little work ahead of time at this point and repeat the above steps for all of your VSTis that you use a lot.

Anyway, now you have that track preset saved. If you had a keyboard shortcut for add instrument track, you could reassign that keyboard shortcut or just create a new one, and assign it to “Add Track ---->>>> Using Track Preset”

Now use your keyboard shortcut to do just that. It will bring up the media bay. If you do this for all your instruments, you can set up the media bay to have all of the instrument right there to choose from. Pick a vst preset and load it.

Now, use your other keyboard shortcut you created for “Add FX Channels to Selected Channel”. Notice that every time you add a send, it is pre-fader instead of post fader.