Default setting for Vari-audio

I use de Vari audio function a lot to change the pitch of my kicks.
Normally you get a pop-up with a few options.

Only this sample, all samples or cancel.

Unfortually I checked the “don’t ask again” box.
So now everytime I change the pitch for 1 kick all of them change.

I try reverting back to the default settings in de preference option but it still doesnt give me the warning.

Anybody knows what I should do?


Not off-hand, but I’ll bet there’s a field in a preference XML you could tweak/delete. You could try backing up your preferences then trashing them. That should bring it back. Then you could use MS Word to compare your preferences documents and note the differences between the two. Best I can suggest, I’m afraid — there may be a better way…

what a great all-around way to trouble shoot. Thank you, Matt!!

Is possible to change the zoom factor too?
Cause each time I’ve analyse the segments, it appears too small…