Default settings for edit window

I like Cubase better each time I learn new tricks. The next thing I would like to be able to do is to have default settings for my edit window.

For example let’s say I double click on a midi event which then shows up on the bottom of the screen. I then click the arrow in the top right hand corner of the bottom screen to open it on a second computer monitor. Every time I do that, I have to select “show all used controllers” then resize the workspace to accommodate them. This includes when I switch from one event to another, and even when I then go back to the event I just set up. Is there a way to set up your edit window to default to the functionality you use? Ideally I would love to be able to double click a midi event and have it automatically open on the second computer monitor and show all the midi cc controllers I used.

You can set it here


I created a number of presets for various controller track configurations:

regards, Pat

Hi Pat… I cant tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to show me this… only problem is I dont read German. So Ive tried to find places in the software that look similar but havent had too much luck. It appears the bottom one is where you go to tell Cubase to show all used controllers, which I already use, I just want to know how to always have that show up without me havig to select it each and every time I open the edit window. That said, its entirely possible this does show me how to do that but I cant find it in Cubase…