Default starting level for volume on a MIDI track?

What is the default starting level for volume on a MIDI track?
I want to add a fade at the end of a MIDI track for a Kontakt 5 plugin, but at the beginning I want to retain the volume that I had previous to adding the automation.
Some tracks have quite a bit of automation. This one only needs a fade at the end, so I’m wondering how to set the beginning of the automation to be equivalent to a track with no volume automation.
My K5 plugin is set at -13, which is the volume I want to match in the automation. (For example, one edit point in the automation on another track is 100, at a point when the volume in the K5 plugin fader is -6.2, so i can’t just input the value from my plugin to the automation to make them match.)

You should set the value yourself at the beginning of the track.

Is there a way to set my start level to -13 (as I set it in the K5 plugin)? I’m only getting numbers from 1 to 127. Of course I can compare and find the equivalent, but it would make adding automation much simpler in the future if I can start with the same levels.

Well, that’s how midi messages work.

You can use automation instead of midi CCs, you set that up in Kontakt and the controls appear in Quick Controls on the track.