Default Text Breaks multi-bar Rest

I just wonder why Dorico breaks up a multi-bar rest when inserting a default text at the beginning of the first bar. See screen shots below:
No Multi Measure Bar.png
With Multi Measure Bar.png
It sure don’t look as tidy with that single bar at the start. Since Dorico pretty much formats everything according to sound musical rules, is this the acceptet norm or is it a quirk in Dorico? Is there a setting for this?

AFAIK there’s no setting for this… yet… The day they grant us a “don’t break…” property for text I shall finally be able to use Dorico professionally …

If you use System Text rather than Staff Text it doesn’t break the multirest.

I didn’t know that (or I did and had forgotten)! Excellent, thanks. (System text is Alt-Shift-X.)

I’ve been talking to Andrew this afternoon about this issue and we think it will be relatively easy to change this so that staff-attached text items behave in the same manner as system-attached text for multi-bar rests, so we’ll do that.

Sounds great, Daniel. Thank you for considering this!

That’s great!