"Default Text" Inconsistent?


Is it me, or, is “Default Text” inconsistent?

I’ve been using “Default Text” for personalised rehearsal marks, with great success. Intro; Verse; Bridge etc. all show up on all the parts.

Now, today, any new rehearsal marks I add, using the same procedure - select note; Shift-X; type text; escape - only show up on the score, and on the first staff/part. :open_mouth:

Any ideas?


I guess that the first time, you wrote System text (shift-alt-X) and not Staff text (shift-x)
Default text is then a paragraph style (parent to many other paragraph styles) but has no stecific power over the way it is distributed in the parts or the score.


I didn’t realise, that I could be so tired, as to forget a shortcut in the “same” project. :blush: :smiley: