Default text position

Is it possible to alter the default position of text styles - default vertical position relative to the staff - in this version?


All paragraph styles have the same distance from the staff at the moment, which is controlled by an Engraving Option, but it transpires that I have not yet exposed it in the dialog. 450 options, and not a drop to drink… Sorry about that. I will make sure that the option for the default distance is exposed in the next update. Note that it is just a single value shared by all paragraph styles.

Thanks. I figured as much but wanted to be sure

Further to this, I wonder if it’s possible, or might be possible in future, to centre text relative to a bar. I’m thinking in particular of numbering repeated bars in instruments parts - either with repeat symbols (which I realise aren’t implemented yet), or written out in full. Or is there perhaps another feature for this planned?

Thanks, loving Dorico so far. Merry Christmas.

Is it possible to change the horizontal default position (x value)?

No, at the moment this is not possible.

A related request: It would be very useful to have an above/below option for system text. Either thru the property panel (like normal text) or the paragraph styles dialog. This is something I need for Attacca, which is one of the very few (!) items I have to adjust manually.

I also always run into this with attacca — it would be great to have the option.

Is ‘changing-default-vertical-text-positioning’ (above/below the notes) already possible now? Couldn’t find any information, so I guess not? :unamused:

Yes, I know that one Leo. But I’d like to have a default position of the text BELOW the notes.

The options for vertical position in Engraving Options specify the default position outside the staff, i.e. they apply whether the text is above the staff or below it.

ok. I understand. Looking to the pictures in the Engraving Options I even didn’t try to put the text below cause I thought it’s just for the spacing between the text above the notes.
Thanx for the hint. It works :wink:

I’m coming from Sibelius, just want to increase the default spacing of ‘pizz’ message above the stave, currently too close/low. The vertical position in engraving options doesn’t seem to affect this. Am I missing something?
Also - is there a way to turn on measurement guides for the selected object e.g. so you see the vertical spacing from stave as a number?

Don’t forget that in Dorico pizz is a “playing technique”, not “text”, so you want the Engraving Option for playing techniques (which definitely works for me).

There aren’t any “rulers” as in Sibelius, but if you drag the positions of individual items you can see the distance from the default position in the Properties panel, at the bottom of the screen.

One problem with having the same distance for text above and below the staff is that the distance below includes the height of the text itself (going from the staff to the baseline):

Screenshot 2.png

Another default text question:

Why does it seem that Dorico only allows one default text object per note? Am I missing something?

edit - this only happens if I paste a default text object onto a note with an existing DT object.

If I add a second default text to a note, then Dorico deletes the first one. But… why - what is the benefit of this behaviour, especially when DT is such a useful object for those of us who see no point in programming, for example, endless variations of custom playing techniques (poco pont., molto pont., poco tasto, molto tasto etc)

I would like to be able to add text both above and below the stave on one note (e.g. string numbers and instructions, annotations etc). I know I can add the second one to an adjacent note and drag it over in engrave mode, but I’d like to know if there’s a less fussy workaround, or at least the reasoning if there is indeed a set limitation that can’t be increased.


At the moment, when you copy and paste items of the same kind to the same position, existing items of that kind will be overwritten at the destination. In the next version of Dorico we will relax this to allow some items, in particular text items and playing techniques, to coexist at the same position when pasted. You should already be able to add a new text item at the same position as an existing one with Shift+X: that won’t remove an existing one; only copy and paste will do that.

Ok, thanks Daniel!