default text size change not persistent...


when i try to change the default text size (see screen shot), it doesn’t propagate to the default text pop-over (Shift-X).

is this a known issue?

You need to change the Default text not in Font Styles, but in Paragraph Styles. That’s where the text popover pulls from.

thanks! so, what’s the purpose of the “Edit font styles” dialog that contains a font size designation? seems non-functional.

It’s not non-functional at all - look down the dropdown of styles within that dialog to see which ones are set there. It’s quite possible that in a new project; none of the styles listed there are actually on the page yet.

The reason there are two different fonts dialogs (plus the ones for music fonts) is to do with the way that Dorico handles paragraph/rich formatting.

Paragraph Styles contains the styles that appear outside of music frames (e.g Title and Composer), and the styles that can’t be manually adjusted within Write mode (e.g. Staff Labels and Percussion Legends). From Paragraph styles, you can do more than just adjust the font: you can adjust kerning and line spacing, for example.

The Font Styles dialog contains all the other fonts that appear in music frames. You have much less control over the way that multiple lines of text should be displayed, here, because Dorico’s not expecting you to create multiple lines of text with any of these styles. Where you’re likely to have multiple lines of text in one of these styles, generally the rules are set elsewhere (Engraving Options > Lyrics for the spacing between lines of lyrics, for instance). For the cases where you do need more control, Dorico generally shows you the text palette (widget?) when you’re editing that text. I don’t know the technical term, but it’s the thing for text styling that turns up when you input Shift+X text.

Very interesting answer, Leo. Thank you for that!