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Hi all,

I find I’m entering a lot of text, but the default value of 8.2 is too big for my orchestral score. how do I set a smaller default value?

I find that in Engrave mode, Engrave menu, Font styles, there’s Default text font… and no setting is working — all the fields have the toggle button empty. It’s not stuck, it just does not exist. That might be a clue…

ashert, you probably want to adjust the default text size in the Font Styles… Menu (which you will find under the Engrave Menu):

Dear k_b,
Have you tried that? Because I did — that is why I wrote what I wrote just ten minutes before you. You cannot change that default text size. Well, you can, but it does not change the size.

It’s under “Paragraph Styles” in Engrave mode.

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You’re right, Craig, and this one DOES work! Thanks ashert for this thread, you are going to make me spare some time !

Thanks !

Marc, sorry I have a terrible internet connection here, it takes about 30 Minutes for one message to get through… That is, why my answer turned up after yours…

No problem, dear k_b!
And we got the proper solution right after that, with Paragraph styles! I wonder why this Default text can be found in Font Styles, since we cannot change things there… There has to be a good reason, hopefully we’ll get to know it!

The difference between ‘Default text font’ under Engrave > Font Styles and ‘Default text’ under Engrave > Paragraph Styles is certainly not obvious, but it is necessary.

Font styles are typically used for things that require font characters – e.g. symbols like clefs, noteheads, time signature digits, etc. – and things that are not strictly text items but which are drawn using text – such as dynamics, tempos, lyrics, and so on.

Paragraph styles are typically used for Shift+X and Shift+Alt+X text items, and for text in text frames, and for a handful of things that are not text items or frames but which require rich text, such as staff labels.

‘Default text font’ therefore affects the default font used by things like tempos, dynamics, lyrics, and so on, whereas ‘Default text’ affects things like the text that appears in text frames.

The reason none of the switches are shown in the Font Styles dialog when you edit the ‘Default text font’ font style are that this is the parent font style, from which others inherit, and because it’s the parent style, you can’t override anything.

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Thank you Daniel for these very detailed explanations. I do better understand the rationale and should know now where to go to modify fonts/text items!