Default values for MIDI velocity OFF

When entering midi notes by just clicking (or step based) the notes are given a default value for velocity OFF of 64. Whilst most VST’s do not seem to notice, this has caused a number of unwanted results e.g. on a bass guitar VST, which took me quite a while to realise what the problem was.
Is there a way to change the default value for MID notes entered in this way?


What kind of error does it bring? What value is expected?

I’m sorry, In afraid it’s not possible to set the default Note Off value.

It’s not really an error. On one bass guitar VST I have, the “velocity off” controls fret/string noises as though the string were suddenly muted by slapping it. I don’t think most VST instruments use the velocity off, but I would like to be able to set the default to 0 when entering notes manually.
It’s a shame I can’t but thanks for confirming this.


Of course you can edit them all at once or you can make a MIDI Logical Editor preset to set it up and assign a Key Command.

But I understand your use case and your need where all of these are just a workarounds.