Default VST connections for specific audio drivers

I’m on my laptop, and so I go back and forth between using my Apollo (universal audio driver) and my Mac Driver. Each time I change drivers, I have to go into VST connections and choose the appropriate outputs for Control Room. It would be great if they automatically updated based on driver.

Yes! This! +10000000000!

I also lose all external FX routings when switching drivers. Much needed.

This is something that’s bugged me since sx3 Even if they had preset saves on each tab… input, external fx, external instruments etc, they have the favourite instrument save tab but it still loses the audio routing when changing driver or opening a project from a different computer.

I think steinberg need to realise that we collaborate a lot now and opening different projects on different computers is a common thing so a better and more in depth way of saving your audio routing would be great, especially for people having up to 26 ins and outs like me.