Default VST Rack instrument location when creating new Rack

I’m pretty sure there is a setting for where VST Rack instrument tracks are placed in your arrange page when creating new VST rack instruments, but I cannot seem to locate the setting now. Currently when I create a new VST rack, the track is created in my “VST Instruments” folder, but I would actually like to switch this to have them created under my selected track (so that I way I have it next to the midi track that triggers the instrument).

Is this possible?


I don’t think it’s possible, if I’m right. There is this option for FX/Group/VCA Channels since Cubase 8.5. But VST Instrument Returns…?

ahhh. Maybe thats what I’m remembering. Do you mind reminding me where this option is for FX/Group/VCA Channels?


For the FX/Group/VCA, this is directly in the Add Track dialog. For every single new FX/Group/VCA, you can decide.

If you want to keep your Audio Returns of the virtual instrument close to the other tracks, use VST Track Instruments beside Rack Instruments. Then the Audio Returns look like an automation tracks of the Instrument Track.

You can also move the Audio Outputs of your Rack VSTis to where you want them in the Arrange window.
An extra step, but it works.