Default window size (mac)?

When I start any kind of new project in Dorico, whether from a template or empty, it always opens about half the size of my available screen. Originally I thought this was a MacOS issue but I observed two things: 1) Dorico is the only software I use regularly which always starts this way (Cubase for example starts new projects extended as large as possible); and 2) Dorico does appear to save window states, so when I open a previous project, it actually restores at the exact size I left the window.

This is a small quibble but I was wondering if there is any way to change the default new projects to always start at the maximum window size? I have a mac utility program which allows me to resize windows with a shortcut but I would like to always start nice and big every time if it is possible.

To be very clear I am NOT talking about full screen mode. I do not like nor wish to use full screen because I am not fond of the way at least on Mac it creates a secondary ‘space.’

You certainly know this:

isn’t enough for you?


Dorico Pro is a very deep program with so many menu options everywhere you turn – so I’ll be honest I had actually not seen that one. Thanks Alberto, works great!

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