Defective fader?

I have just purchased a brand new CC121 to use with Cubase 7.5. When I move the fader up and down, nothing happens in Cubase. It’s like the touch sensitivity doesn’t work very well. It does work when I apply downward pressure on the fader and then move it. Is this normal behavior or should I return / swap it?

It’s normal to have to press a bit down. The resistance is adjustable.

I don’t remember how I changed it, but it is in the manual. So don’t panic. Try the different levels of resistance to find one that suit you the best (I think it is 8 different stages to choose from).

Sorry but does not sound right to me. Mine worked regardless of pressure straight from the box and has been fine for the last four years.
The touch sensitive fader only works if the unit is powered, just a thought.

Try changing the sensitivity as iBM described.

Does the motorfader follow the Cubase fader properly?

Thanks Strophoid.
Sensitivity was the word I was looking for. Total stop for a while there :blush:

Apologies, in all these years I never knew about the different sensitivity settings for the motorised fadder. :blush:
Always new stuff to learn.

Well, this helped me :smiley:
Quite annoying to realize the thing was not plugged in after swearing over it for about an hour and reinstalling the drivers.
Everything but the fader works without external power.
Thank you!

Your’e welcome.
Pleased that you got it sorted. :smiley:

This tip worked for me. Thank you.

All these years I thought my CC121 just had a defective fader control. I even sprayed canned air in there etc.

… And the configuration process is clear and sensible, exactly how you hope it would be.

I wish the CC121 had more configurable software features like this.

I wish I could use it to control my Waves plugins.

Misnoma I set up the waves plug-ins that I use to work via the quick controls. I then save the Q control set ups as presets with the plug-in names. You can then use the CC121 in quick control mode to control the waves plug-ins from the EQ knobs.

I also happen to use the Quick Controls more than the Eq.

Don’t know about Waves, but the AI knob works for many plugins.