Defer to "Connect to Bus" instead of "Select Hardware Input" when creating audio tracks

In Cubase 10, a new change was made to creating an audio track that clutters up the workflow and wastes time. We now have to scroll past all the many inputs the audio interface has in ‘Select Hardware Input’ to get to the named and ordered inputs we’ve taken the time to setup (which appear under the ‘Connect to Bus’ heading).

The solutions that I can see are (in order of preference):

  1. Allow the user to hide the ‘Select Hardware Input’ tree entirely
  2. Put “Connect to Bus” first in the list instead of second, so the workflow we’ve customized is the easily accessible one
  3. Remember the collapsed state of ‘Select Hardware Input’ so at least I don’t have to keep collapsing or scrolling past the ‘Connect to Hardware’ list every time I make a new track

How it currently works, notice the long list of ‘Select Hardware Input’ before we get to the neatly customized ‘Connect to Bus’ list:

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Agree 100%


great idea


Complained about this when it was introduced in V10 -


Why Steinberg??? Why???

+1 Agreed.

Audio Connections / Busses in general is such a mess.

Why bother putting in the abstraction of busses to then have to scroll pass raw hardware ins/outs?

You might not have to. I haven’t really explored this, but a few days ago I was setting up to do a loopback recording. When I created the Track I selected the audio input from the hardware list not my busses because that was what I was really concerned with in that specific situation. However when the Track was created it did not list the hardware as the input and instead showed the buss I’d created using that hardware. In this case that hardware input was only associated with a single buss. Wonder what it would do for hardware inputs that are used by more than a single buss.