"Defined Tempo of Audio File" and "Defined Time Signature of Audio File" are greyed out

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Does anyone know why these boxes are greyed out?

Thank you.

is it a contest? Is that why only that small area is shown, and not any selection etc.?

I mean, please proivide context for this

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The two boxes (“Defined Tempo of Audio File” and “Defined Time Signature of Audio File”) are both part of the Sample Editor, and for some reason the values inside couldn’t be edited anymore (as a result of audio bounce). As it’s stated here, the only way to make the boxes editable again, is to remove the sample from Audio Pool, save the project, restart Cubase, and then import the audio file back. Also, a post suggests that bouncing the audio sample would make the boxes editable again, but it appears to me that bouncing is exactly the cause why the boxes become uneditable. I just wanted to know if there’s anything one can do to prevent the boxes from becoming uneditable.

In the same topic Vic (rip) said:

This is not the case for you?

Yes. It’s not the case for me. Bouncing is quite the reason why the boxes become uneditable. I believe though that I’m beginning to understand why this is happening (why the boxes become uneditable). Please let me get back to you. Right now it’s difficult for me to find the proper words.

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Any news?

I seem to have the same issue.

Honestly, I ended up ignoring the two boxes in the Sample Editor (tempo and signature). Now if I want the audio content to follow new tempos (i.e. new tempos that are set afterwards), I just execute “Bounce Selection” while the audio event’s Musical Mode is “Musical”. This seems to make the tempo changes permanent (in other words, the normal audio event and the audio event set to “Musical” become one). After this, I activate “Musical” back and the audio acts like a MIDI track set to “Musical” time base: it obeys to the tempos you set.