Definition with 4k monitor

Hi all,
I just installed a UHD / 4K 32 ‘’ monitor on my first daw.
I run Cubase 10 on Win10 pro.
Windows suggests a 150% zoom without which everything would be too small.
Applied the Zoom Win10 is perfect. The definition / resolution of the characters is excellent.
I run cubase10 (last patch) and I notice that everything is slightly out of focus. I try the hdpi resolution (from cubase configuration) and the definition is perfect but all very large. (from 100% to 200% based on the zoom). I do not need. I work in orch. templates with a lot of tracks.
Is there any way to improve the definition of Cubase with 150% zoom?
Is an improvement expected in the future?

Many thanks

Improving the situation on HiDPI screens on Windows has a high priority at Steinberg. Unfortunately there are no perceivable improvements for the users in 10.5 yet.

Indeed, sadly no improvement with version 10.5. I’ve ordered an extra pair of glasses just for Cubase :frowning:

I have a 32” 4K monitor and use it in full res mode. Seems pointless having a 4K monitor then making it less resolution. I have to use glasses anyway so the ones I have are good enough for me. I don’t see the point in anything less than 32” 4K monitor. Well at least for me.

Do you have an nVidia graphics card? If so then there’s a workaround that’s not perfect but is good enough for now.