Delay-compensation for orchestral samples

Hi !

I compose a lot of “adventure/action” style of music and so I use very often string section playing short notes (ex: cello playing a spiccato line) but if I quantize the line I always have to move the midi information a little bit to the left (“earlier”) so it plays on the beat (with the percussion for example).

I noticed that on AbletonLive there was a feature that allow to automaticaly read the sample a few milliseconds before it was supposed to be played so the composer can quantize the line and it would be good without having to drag the midi informations on the left.

I don’t know if I was clear enough but if somebody know how to do it on Cubase it would be great !



There is also this kind of function in Cubase.

Open Inspector in the Project window, and open the very 1st tab. Under the Volume and Pan sliders, there is the Track Delay in Miliseconds slider, which does the job. Just set it to the negative value.

Oh thank you so much it works perfectly, it was ​right under my nose the ​whole ​time !

Have a good day !