Delay compensation problem!

Hi all!

I posted this previously in the Cubase forum, but it seems that its actually MR816X related, so i post it here as well!

I have a very strange problem here! Maybe im just missing something, or maybe i just need to reinstall? The problem is when i use a SEND to an FX channel, which has for example “The Glue” compressor, or any other effect that uses oversampling. The delay compensation just doesnt seem to work for me :frowning: And i hear NO difference pressing the “restrain delay compensation” button either. What is this?


I have a Steinberg MR816X and “maybe” that’s what’s causing this strange behaviour :slight_smile:

EVERY TIME i change the oversampling rate from maybe 1X to 2X, it gets out of sync. BUT when i go into project settings and change the sample rate for the whole project, BINGO!!! It’s all in sync!! So i CAN’T change the oversampling rate “on the fly” for some reason :frowning: This MUST be a BUG of some kind!!!

Many thanks in advance!


Got it sorted! :slight_smile: Apparently Cubase doesn’t recognize the “new” sample rate when doing this on the fly! Thought that it would actually…