Delay Compensation

When I record a track of audio out of Cubase and back into Cubase (say for a bit of outboard treatment)…it is showing this delayed by 35+ samples. This makes me worry.

I thought the point in Delay Compensation or ‘ASIO Guard’ is to prevent this?

Does this mean I should set my Record delay compensation offset to 35 samples to adjust for this un-accounted for delay?

Although I know many here might be concerned with electronic midi music and virtual plugins etc…I’m actually just trying to use Cubase for audio recording of real musicians and real outboard. If there is latency (which all digital systems have) …I expect it to be fully compensated.

Can anyone clarify? Cubase documentation is horrible lol.


Delay Compensation shifts the tracks so the plug-ins delay has been compensated. Not the hardware.

ASIO Guard allows a “dynamic ASIO”. It means, if the Buffer Size is lower it tries to preprocess as much as possible until there are still resources. So without ASIO Guard enabled, you could have some peaks, but with ASIO Guard enabled these parts could be preprocessed already at the time, when there were free resources to do something more. Actually ASIO Guard looks more ahead, then the Buffer Size is set, if there are resources available.

Your 35+ samples are probably on the hardware side then.

use the “External FX scenario”
there is a possibility to correct the latency