delay feedback loop

I’m trying to route a signal from a delay effect through a fader and back into the delay effect without leaving cubase. I can do this but I’m going outside the box and rerouting the signal in my RME interface then back into cubase on a stereo audio channel then sending that to the effects bus. It works but of course the whole thing is not saved inside the project, and is kind of a PITA. Cubse I guess is protecting us from ourselves feedback loops but in this rare case I would like to do it. If anyone has a method I would love if you shared it

I have the same problem!

I feel robbed of a very essential tool of production and engineering. What the hell was Steinberg thinking? Protecting some dumb ass from a possible feedback loop? At what cost?

Routing an FX send back to the same channel is a very important tool that is irreplaceable.
Example: You have an EQ/Filter after delay that changes the sound with every repeat.

This has to come back Steinberg. With Pro Tools I can do this without problems!
Please do something about it and make it at least possible with a preferences setting to switch off the feedback protection so we can send back an FX send to the same FX return.

For me, it is the same. I am doing a few tricks on various tracks, where I don’t feed the same track back into itself, but like cross-feeding several tracks into each others inserts side-chain inputs for special purposes.

Cubase’s feedback protection prevents me from doing this in a straight-forward manner. I also go out into m rme interface where I use a loopback in the rme Interface to come back into the box. This solution is really ridicolous but the only way I can do it with Cubase at this point.

I would very much like to do this in Cubase.

I just placed this in the FR section as well:

Regards, Mikael

Yes, I want this facility too. I like to add distortion and filters in my delay loops and this ‘protective’ behaviour makes it a pain to set up. At one time it was possible, so I guess at some point Steinberg decided to protect us from ourselves.

You don’t have to go outside the box, you can use a VST dummy channel that is not tied to the audio card to do this. Then it is saved with the project.

Whatever I try I can’t manage to do this. Could you please give the details to set this up?

Regards, Karel.

F4 -> Output Tab -> Add Buss
Make sure the buss you add is “Not Connected”
Name it “Dummy Output”

Add two audio tracks …
Add a clip to the first
Set the output of the first to “Dummy Output”

On the 2nd set the input to “Dummy Output”
turn on monitor …

There you have it. There are some other routing things you can do with VST connections. But, this is the first step.

I’ve been asking for this feedback feature that almost all other daws have for years.
I’m sorry JMCecil, thanks for your ‘feedback’ but I can’t get that dummy buss thing to work.
If you want to send to a delay and want that to feedback on itself, how exactly can you do this
without going outside the box ? Your explanation isn’t clear to me.


I just explained exactly how to do it step by step … not sure what to tell you.

woe, it looks like they cut this off in seven. You may be correct. You used to be able to use the VST connections to dual route with a send … looks like you can’t now. Sorry about that.

They must have known that this is a ‘neato keen’ technique
used by many,many folks.

Collin posted:

I’m going outside the box and rerouting the signal

Same here till the ‘fix is in’.


Hello 2013. Any new development here with Cubase 8? I’m trying to do this exact thing. Is it really not possible to make an fx channel with feedback!?

Hi Steinberg! Can we please make this a feature request?

So I registered, as a Cubase 5 user, to answer this simple question.

If you want to stay in the box, an easy solution would be to simply:

Set the output of the fx SOURCE (EX. Vocal Track OutPut) to NO BUSS. Then simply export the fx itself and place them in a new track. Then, send a send signal from that new track through the same effects route. Before you hit play, make sure your source track’s output is put back to normal output AND make your new track of the bounced effects have a unconnected output. Hit play and :smiley: If you are happy with that section bounce it all again and repeat if you want. Or just bounce to consolidate CPU for mixing.

It’s actually better this way because it indirectly teaches you the habit to consolidate your routing… There is always a way. Hope that helps everyone else who comes to this page asking the same question!


i have found a plugin that does the trick
is hofa system,it has a plugin call feedback and you can do anything that this feedback protection doesnt allow
and it works for a lot of other stuff
the downside is the price, but is a solution