Delay issues with Amplitube in Cubase 7

I’m new to Cubase but things have been working good so far.
I was gonna lay down some guitar and loaded up Amplitube 3 as a vst plugin but I get a considerable delay, far more than my latency set for the interface (256, 7+7ms). When I click “Constrain delay compensation” Cubase disables the Amplitube plugin completely. If I play the guitar now, getting the raw unprocessed sound, I have perfectly normal delay (none noticable) so there’s something happening when use the darn plugin.

I tried Steinbergs amp sims and they produce the same amount of horrible delay. HOWEVER, when I click “constrain delay compensation” on Steinberg amp sim plugins, they stay enabled but sound simpler and get the expected latency. What the heck is going on here? Is this suppose to be normal?

I come from Logic and I’ve never had an issue running Amplitube with perfectly normal latency, what’s wrong?

ps: I tried disabling ASIO guard to no assist.

Scratch that. For some reason the connections for the controlroom had gone crazy. Everything still worked, but it had the effect of adding latency to these specific plugins (???). Weird.

Aloha t,

Glad you got it sorted. AmpT has been fine for me.
A main go-to plug. It would be tough to live without it.

I find VST Rack very nice for heavier stuff but
for a more delicate/detailed crunch, IMHO AmpT is the way to go.

Only guitar players will get this part.

The VST Rack and many other 3rd party plugs sound great.
(and I have tried them all)
However AmpT not only sounds real good
but like a real amp it also ‘feels’ good in your hand.

While I have all the newer versions, I still gravitate to version 1. :slight_smile:
—go figure.

Yeah it’s all good now, it was the weirdest thing I’ve seen. A project somehow got damaged settings for vst connections and even if I set them correct it just won’t work using that project file. Only that project is affected, so it’s a real weird one, maybe I should report it as a bug.

Amplitube is my go to amp sim, it’s still the best in my ears. I’m sure the others have advantages in certain sounds but I rather make music than hunt for the absolutely best in every possible detail.

You reckon? Seriously? Wow.
To me, it sounds nothing like the amp it is supposedly emulating - not even close.
The best I have heard to date is MarkBass (Overloud) which actually sounds & feels like an amp to me (the other one was WarpVST - sad that is no longer available & it simply wil not run at all on Win 7) along with Recabinet.

This I understand completely - I only have Amplitube 3 free and the Ampeg SVX standalone bass amp.
In standalone mode, on my ID Console, I have over 100 parameters of control via the rotary encoders - complete control over everything in it.
Run up the same amp in Amplitube 3 gives me nothing like the same level of control - I get a pitiful 16 parameters of control that have to be manually set for every single patch. Hopeless.
FWIW, I get the same issue with Nomad Factory’s Magma - as well as hosted drum plugs in Drumagog 5, so I can only assume that it is caused by the plugin “wrapping” another plugin within.
Sure Amplitube 3 is 64-bit, but the loss of control is a deal breaker for me and I am so happy I never sprung for the full version as it would have annoyed me to the max.

This “what sounds like an amp” or not can be discussed forever more, it’s such a personal taste thing. Personally I find amplitube 3 perfectly good enough to not be bothered with searching for something better. But sure, I can tell the difference to a real amp any day of the week, but is that difference extremely noticable on my final tracks? Not so much, at least not enough to warrant more time for gathering and screwing around with plugins meaning less time for music.