delay lag latency on export plugins

Hi all

I am having problems with cubase 5 and my plugins.

When i export audio my plugins are out of time also they are ever so slightly out of time when i start my song from the start.

The strange thing is when i loop playback over a section the plugins are perfectly in time :S

Please help im almost pulling my hair out :frowning:

What OS, what plugins, what soundcard. Do you have constrain delay compensation enabled?

Well its purely a cubase 5 problem as i made a new project file for the track and it now works perfectly. The project file just held automation for the vst effects i used on my rewire channels.

would love to know what i did to that project that ruined it cos it could be devastating if it happened further in on a project.

operating system windows 5
Soundcard fireface uc

Plugins replicant from audio damage and glitch

music program cubase 5 rewired to reason 5 and plug in delay compensation is not enabled

The problem has returned to my project :frowning:

I have had a look at it closer and my description in the earlier post is not very good.
What is happening is my track in export has the first 2 beats missing and the automation for plug in is playing without the 2 beats missing. This means my effects happen 2 beats later than they should. So for instance on my track, its a dance track, the effect is automated to play on beats 7 and 8 of the track now happens on beats 9 and 10.

Sorry for the poor title description i could not think of how to describe it.

Does this help or do you need more information ?

I think thereโ€™s a Knowledge Base article or bug report about this. What happens if you move everything forward a couple of bars?

When i try to realign the automation to take account of the first missing 2 beats of the bar it still plays out of time.

Ok i have narrowed down the problem. Its nothing to do with my plugins its when im using rewire with cubase 5.

When using rewire and bouncing down audio it has roughly the first 2 and a third beats missing on the bounced audio.