delay occurring in midi instruments

apologies if this has been addressed previously, but I couldn’t find mention of it elsewhere;

I’ve been working on a track in Cubase 7 (on Mac) and everything’s been fine, but all of a sudden the project has developed this problem where there’s a massive delay between the moment I press a key on my midi keyboard and the sound coming out, be it via a VST or any other midi based control situation.

Is this a common thing? Is there a way to reset this, or is the arrangement corrupt? I’ve tried backing up the whole thing to a new folder, but the trouble remains. It doesn’t happen in a brand new arrangement/project however.

Any ideas or solutions would be much appreciated.


Open Devices > Device Setup. On the eft side click to VST Audio System. On the right side, make sure, there is any driver select in the ASIO Driver. Here, you can see Input Latency and Output Latency.

On the left side, click to the driver name. Then click to Control Panel, and decrease Buffer SIze (or Latency) parameter, to get lower latency.

I just had this problem for the first time today. Everything was fine, and then suddenly there is a huge delay on the keyboard. It seems like almost a half of a second!

I’ve opened up other projects and they all work perfectly.

I feel like I accidentally pressed a wrong button or something. Why is this one Cubase project different than all the rest in this way? And why suddenly while I was in the middle of working?

By the way, I’m using Cubase 9 on a MacBook Pro, with 16GB of RAM.

Can anyone help?


Make sure, you are not using any plug-in on the Stereo Out bus, please. If yes, try to Bypass it, if this is the case.

Also… Is it possible that you adjusted the “Track Delay” setting by mistake? Take a look at that in the first section of the inspector. You may have added delay there.

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