Delay Sidechain not working!?!? Cubase 9.5

Hi guys, i’ve stumbled upon a weird issue last night - all of a sudden my delay sidechain stopped working.
I have made a vocal track, added an FX channel to it, attached a delay to it.
Then, i put a compressor under the delay, pressed the ‘sidechain’ button, then sent the signal from the vocal track to the compressor.
tried 4 or 5 different compressors, including the SSL G Master Bus Comp. The result is, the vocal delay begins almost instantly, as if no compressor was inserted…the only thing i haven’t tried is reinstalling Cubase, but i am in a middle of a harsh deadline, and got no time for this :frowning:

Anyone familiar with such a problem?

Edit: Aaaand, 20 hours later, all of a sudden, the problem fixed itself, just out of nowhere…