delay with scrolling when changing channels with controller

This is something I just have just gotten use too but just came of a mix with Pro Tools and did not notice the delay,
Make a session with lets say to keep it simple 8 tracks, all eight in touch mode, start writing automation on channel one then touch fader of ch2 and there is a slight delay in the screen graphics and also the automation points, if you write on channel 1 then let go and then write again on channel 1 again the delay is not there. I’m seeing this on the Tango, Avid MC Control and also just tried it with a Frontier alpha track, all have the delay. it also happens when you jump back and forth using the select buttons. Using the mouse to move between fader on Mixer seems fine.

any thoughts?

Interesting to find when deselecting the “Select by Touch” in the “General” pane in the EuControl Setting the delay is gone. You can jump between faders and write automation without the project screen having a short hesitation in scrolling.
Off course when you use the selector buttons to change between channels the problem still is still there.

I’ve also put a new user on my system to see if it was something in my preferences or system that could cause the delay but no change.