delayed (first) playback start after every new launch


after each launch, it takes several seconds for Wavelab 9 to start playback when I click the play-button or hit the space bar.
I did notice that the tab with the speaker configurations (bottom right in the Master Area) isn’t populated after start-up…only 3-4 seconds after I hit the play-button the 4 buttons with my different speaker settings will appear. During the same session it works fine after that.

I tried changing some settings in “VST Connections” - but nothing helped so far. Wavelab 8.5 (which is still installed) doesn’t have and never had this problem.

Any ideas ?

Cheers from Berlin,

This is unfortunately normal behavior for WaveLab 9.0.0 > 9.0.15 but it’s been noted that this will be improved in an update.

hm, alright

that saves me the bother to delete all my speaker configs as an attempt to a solution.
Thanks for the confirmation!


No problem. I honestly never checked my speaker configs but when the delayed playback is happening, do you see a black and white ball/icon before you finally hear the playback?

well, it’s a blue ring on my system (Windows7):
the systems seemingly takes a moment to think about my request and just before the playback starts, a small blue ring circles above the playback button

This delay will almost be removed in 9.0.20