Delaying the actual update activation

hey guys, so i bought the update from 9.5 to 10 as it’s on sale at the moment (as you know I’m sure), wasn’t sure if there was going to be a summer sale or not so got it now.
The question is, can I leave off activating it until after summer, I plan to be away for few months with very little chance to make music, was even thinking on waiting until 10.5 comes out and activate it during the grace period so I get the 10.5 upgrade for free hopefully.
Is there a time limit for when you have to activate the software by?
I wasn’t able to find anything.

Don´t take my word for it, but I know of people who bought Cubase during the summer sale and didn´t activate until the next release came out, and they were automatically upgraded.

Thank you for the purchase! If a new major Cubase version has been released and the code for the predecessor version is still unused, you will get a license upgrade indeed. If the start date for a grace period is known, you can activate in that period prior to the product release as well of course.

thanks for confirming.

Ed, could you please clarify this?

Thank you in advance!

What Anando wrote in that topic. It’s okay to keep an unused code until the next major update or beyond.