Delete a beat on grid

I used the automatic tempo detection which worked well except for one beat where there are two beats instead of one. How can I delete the second beat (all the following beats are in the right place)?


How can I delete on the grid only beat “23.4”?

So you want to preserve the position of 23.3 and 23.5, but delete the beat at 23.4 and make the 23.5 to 23.4?
i.e. the beat 23.3 at 180 bpm and 23.4 at 338 should be combined into 1 single beat.

The time between 23.3 to 23.5 is, 60 / 180 + 60 / 338 = 0.510848126…seconds , this is the quarter note length of the desired tempo. Beats per minute mean how many quarter notes per minute, so you divide a minute with this value, 60 / 0.510848126… = 117.4517… and this is the BPM of the combined beats.
So set 117.4517 to 23.3, remove the tempo change at 23.4 and the position of 23.5 and onwards will be (almost) exactly the same.