delete a folder?

can any tell me how to delete this folder ? I don’t even know how it got there in the first place. I’ve tried right click,but no. I’ve tried the key I have for delete track, but no. I’ve hunting high and low to find out how. I’ve tried the file,edit,media ect meny but no. I 've tried the vst connection on device ,but no. it not even there. HOW DO I DELETE THIS… :cry:
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Do you meen the folder with the “FOLDER” name? Drag-and-drop the VST Instrumnets USB-folder out of the FOLDER, then right-click to the FOLDER and select Remove track from the menu.

thanks for the help .ok so I dropt vst track in the project and deleted the folder . but how do I delete the vst instrument folder ? when I right click there is no - removed the track - option


Which folder do you want to remove, please? The “FOLDER” or the “VST Instruments”? The “VST Instruments” folder is made automatically, once you Add an Instrument Rack.

I want to delete the vst folders and halion tracks. I don’t understand why they are there. am using some vst track but these are different ones. as you can see ; the vst track and those below are emty, there’s nothing on them. am not using them to anything. I don’t understand how they got there in the first place!?
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Have you tried Shift+Delete?

it didn’t work. nor ctrl+delete , or alt+delete

Have you tried the “Remove Selected Tracks” option in the “Project” menu (at the top)? Or is that missing too?

Q 1: This is in CB 8 right? You haven’t listed any system specs…
Q 2: Have other projects had had this happen or is this the first time this has happened?
Q 3: When you right click on a track or folder is the “Remove Selected Tracks” menu item there but greyed out or is it missing altogether?
Q 4: Can you delete any of the other tracks or is the option missing from those tracks too?

If the “Remove Selected Tracks” option is missing maybe it is time to try starting in safe mode.

Observation: They look like automation tracks grouped in folder tracks…

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OK, now it’s finally clear. You don’t want to dele the folder, but you want to remove the VST Instrument, right?

  1. Open the VST Instrument window (F11), or the VST Instruments Rack (alt+T).
  2. You will find racks of VST Instruments. Click to the name of every single VST Instruments (i.e HALion Sonic SE), and from the drop-down menu select the very first option No VST Instrument. The VST Instrument is gone. Do this for all HALion Sonic SE VST Instruments (all Rack Instruments). The Groove Agent is not a Rack Instrument, but the Track Instrument, so keep it there. If you had some MIDI track routed to these instruments, you cannot hear the sound anymore.
  3. Once you do this, you will have no HALion Sonic SE instruments in your project. There will be empty folder VST Instruments. Right-click to the folder, and select Remove Selected Tracks.

thanks a lot !! it worked…you saved my day. so simple yet so difficult lol

Thank you guys for posting this - I had the same trouble and now I now how to remove the unwanted instrument from the rack and it also removed it from the VST Instruments folder - - wish Steinberg had a delete button somewhere but selecting “no instrument” works as well - couldn’t find this in the Manual either :slight_smile:

Hey man, thanks so much! I signed up just to thank you, this was driving me crazy watching video after video on youtube looking for an answer!! (I’m not good with manuals) :smiley: