Delete a master page, if that's what it is

I still don’t know what a master page is, maybe this page 8 isn’t one. All I want to do is get rid of it and the page following it. I can’t afford any more time and effort running into dead ends with this particular realm of Dorico. I simply have to ask. I will try to keep this to a minimum.

In the right panel (pages), right click and remove all overrides.

A Page Template Set is basically two pages - a First and a Default template that are automatically assigned to any Layouts that use this Page Template Set.

The First page is the first page of the Layout, the Default page is the following pages. If you want to make changes to these you can do it in one of two ways (I think that’s it):

  1. You can customise the Page Template so it applies to all Layouts that use this Page Template


  1. You can create a Page Override (by directly editing the page you’re looking at eg adding text, adjusting size of text frames etc) which only modifies the Layout you are editing.

I have a feeling you have done this on the final pages and so they are not getting deleted. In the Pages panel on the right, have a look at the pages for any red markings in the top-left of the pages. If there are any on or after page 8 (in your image), right-click the page and remove the Page Override.

No, that’s not a page template change. That’s an override.

A page template change is assigning a different master page to a selected page. Not editing the page directly.

Sorry, you are right. I guess that was all for nothing even though I was trying to say the same thing as you.
I’ve just edited. Is it correct now?

Yes that’s correct. The typical user error is to make edits on the page directly, instead of editing the master page. That’s not always bad, it’s just that you have to know what you’re getting when you create an override. And typically, removing the overrides eliminates the layout problems (as in the OP) by returning everything to the defaults.

But of course I’m assuming this solution worked for the OP…

What’s a page template vs what’s not a page template:

  • If It’s displaying music and tokens are resolving, or it’s otherwise possible to see next to pages that display music/show resolved tokens, it’s not a page template: it’s a page in a layout, which may or may not inherit its formatting from a page template. E.g. in your screenshot, p7 is probably using a page template to “generate” the music frame, the page number text frame etc, even if you’ve overridden and customized things on p7 only.

  • If you can only see 2 pages (one left, one right), no music, no resolved tokens, there are Apply/Close buttons at the top of the music area, and the background is a different colour (green): it’s a page template, and you’re in the page template editor.

(*If you come across information about “master pages”, that’s the same thing as “page templates”, just with a different name as of Dorico 4.)