Delete a player

Hi Im New here and to this programme… can anyone tell me how to delete a player from the score

In Setup mode, select the player from the left panel and delete them.

If you just wish to omit that player from a layout, select the player and un-check the layout from the right panel.

Thankyou Dan that worked perfect! now how do I change the part around for example I have an organ on top where it should be the choir part first then the organ part… any offers please gratefully received

Just drag them in Setup mode.


You can change the default player order, which affects all layouts, or just the order in a single layout as an “override” to how players are setup in the Players panel in Setup mode.

I think there is a bug in this area. I often find it impossible to select several players and delete the players and layouts simultaneously. It usually gets all but one. The last one, I often have to go delete the layout and then delete the player,

Has anybody else seen this bug? I don’t have an example currently, but it has happened 5-10 times, so I can probably produce an example file before too long.

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Thankyou Jesele that worked nicely

Thankyou Lillie

Thankyou can anyone now advise me lyrics… I’ve added the verses to the choir part…but they are not copied on the organ part ? how to address this please anyone thankyou in advance!

Can you explain a bit more what you want and what’s happening? When you say “Parts”, do you mean staves, or Layouts?
Do you want to copy lyrics from one staff to another?

If you mean you added extra verses as text blocks at the bottom of the flow in the choir part but as a page override (just on one page in the choir part, which will be denoted by a red triangle on that page in the panel on the right in Engrave mode) then that only exists in that layout and on that page.

You can instead create a custom master page with the required frames set up and text inside, which you can then apply to multiple pages in the same layout and in any other layout using the same master page set (although you can also import it into other master page sets too). You could even use the “copyright” and “other information” fields in the Project Info dialog to enter extra verses for each flow, then set your master page to use the corresponding tokens - which should mean the same single master page would automatically show the verses for flow 1 on the page for flow 1, and flow 2 on that page, etc. Depending on the number of verses, their length etc though it might be clearer to have a master page for each verse and put the text in the frames directly - that gives you a bit more control of the formatting and the size/proportions of the frame relative to the text etc.

Yes I meant to say copy lyrics from one staff to another.

Hi Lillie Thankyou for your advice I will give a go!
once I completed that could I possible make a video of my piece to upload on you tube?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but if you search for “score follower video” here on the forum or elsewhere online you’ll probably find some useful discussion.

Select the phrase you want to copy. Then Filter only the Lyrics.

You can then either Edit > Paste > Duplicate To Staff Below, or Alt click to copy (if the lyrics are the same rhythm).

If not the same rhythm, then having selecting the lyrics, Copy them (Command or CTRL C). Then Shift L in the new staff, and paste each syllable using Command or CTRL V.

Thankyou benwiggy, would you also know how I send my score/flow as a pdf document?

See the manual for exporting layouts to PDF here.