Delete a rest and shift backwards ...solved

Help !

…a picture here:'écran%202016-11-18%2017.05.21.png?dl=0

I introduced by erreur (i don’t know how!) a rest at the begining of bar #71 indicated by the red arrow an this have push ahead the green voice on 30 measure adding a half note at the end.

So, how can I delete this «rest» an get the whole green voice move back to his right place on the first beat of bar #71,

…hope it is possible ?


If this does not work — try and undo if it does not — you might select the green notes and cut and paste at the right place. I had to do that in one of my scores…

I think you should:

  1. Press Return to show the caret
  2. Position the caret after the rest you want to delete
  3. Ensure you have the correct voice chosen (downstem voice)
  4. Press 7 to choose half note
  5. Press I to activate Insert mode
  6. Press backspace

Great answer !

Thanks Ian…

Just after asking I found this solution…

But Yours is much elegant way !

I selected the first green chord an then select the whole until end pressing the Command key and the right arrow.
…I cutted the passage.

I placed the caret on the green voice’s first beat and paste it all.


So, Thanks…

The answer given by ianpartridge is really very nice and elegant, and shows how this program performs. It might be useful to change the name of this thread in order to help those who need to delete a rest and shift backwards a whole voice without touching the other voices of the score. I’m afraid “help” doesn’t help anyone :wink:

Hi - just wondering, has anything changed since this question? When I insert a half note after (or on, or before) the rest I need to get rid of, it still leaves the rest intact. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a better way to do this now?

Edit: sorry, nvm, I misread that you don’t actually insert the half note. (but still curious if there’s a simpler way to do this now)

FinaleMakesMeCry, what are you trying to achieve? I can’t glean that from your post…

In insert mode, if you select a rest and hit delete, Dorico will close up the gap. You can change the duration of a rest by selecting it and pressing the number key for the new length.

If you just want to REPLACE the rest with a note, don’t try to do it in insert mode!